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Tom Lowenburg, who owns Octavia Books in New Orleans, said, “I’m really excited to read anything Richard Russo writes. I’ve heard order xenical online no prescriptionis good, and that it’s different from the other ones. Russo has such an ear for humor. Of course, his books aren’t humor books, but I’ve heard this new one really taps into his sense of humor.”

Dwayne Richard, the owner of Mizzou Books, Scottsdale, Ariz., is all over Michael Connelly. “He always sells well for me, and so does James Patterson, both his adult books and his YA books. They draw the same audience into my store.” A special edition of Connelly’s order xenical online no prescription was handed out with a teaser inside for the forthcoming order xenical online no prescription (Little, Brown, Oct.), and James Patterson had a massive double galley that included order xenical online no prescription (Nov.) and order xenical online no prescription (written with Richard Dilallo), due out in August from Little, Brown).

Jonathan Tropper’s order xenical online no prescription (Dutton, Aug.) is the first pick for Larry Dunphy of Books on First in Dixon, Ill. The story of a family forced to spend time together when their father’s last request is that they sit shiva appeals to him since “it sounds like a dysfunctional family that everyone can relate to.”

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s new translation (by Breon Mitchell) of Gunter Grass’s classic order xenical online no prescription is generating buzz, and Margaret Drabble’s memoir, order xenical online no prescription. HMH’s big giveaways were order xenical online no prescription by Timothy Egan (Oct.), about the seminal forest fire that led to America’s idea of conservation and order xenical online no prescription by William J. Mann (Oct.), which sports a drop-dead cover photo.

Summing it up, off the record, one of the most powerful women in publishing said: “There’s something for everyone in the seasons to come. It’s an embarrassment of riches.

From her lips to God’s ears.

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